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Outdoor Wood

Wood grows naturally, using solar energy; it is recyclable and renewable. Wood products need less energy to extract, process and transport, and wood buildings can require less energy to construct and operate over time. It is strong, light, beautiful, fairly easy to work and work with, and it lasts a long time. It is relatively inexpensive, broadly available, and can be adapted to make lots of wonderful things from floor to roof.


Natural Wood

Natural woods have been used since the beginning of human's civilization. It offers a classic elegant looking that artificial wood can never get. Natural wood that is well looked after can last forever even if it kept outside. In addition, natural wood furniture is something that works all year around, be it summers, winters or rains.


Composite Wood

Composite wood is one of the prime uses for recycled materials,sawdust and waste wood fibers. It is among the most environmentally responsible building materials available today. They are typically made from recycled and recovered wood waste that would otherwise be burned or thrown into a landfill, so they allow us to make better use of our valuable natural wood resource and optimal use of each tree.

The composite material is used to produce building products such as decking, door and window frames, and exterior moldings. The products produced with composite wood are more durable than conventional natural wood. Also, these products contain no toxic chemicals such as those used in conventional treated wood. Composite wood products can be formed into both solid and hollow profiles.




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