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GMS Grid Panel

GMS Grid Panel contains the metal grid(view sample here) and the plastic wire mesh(view sample here). The plastic wire mesh is firmly mounted on the side of the soil to secure it from falling apart. Then it will be carefully placed inside the metal grid and ready to be hung on a wall(click here to view the back of the grid panel). Irrigation system could be installed as an option and different plastic coating could be achieved as well. This type of greenwall is relatively inexpensive compared to the others hence it is more common and popular.

The material used here, plastic wire mesh, is processed and made of polyethylene or/and(?) polyproplene (also known as polypropene). It has the performances of wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting and fine toughness. This material is so reliable and dedicated that it is widely used in other industry too.


More information:
Size: 460mm x 460mm x80mm
Weight: approx. 10kg per panel





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